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MS21 paper published in Advances in Therapy

30 September 2019

MS21 is delighted to announce that its paper is available online from the peer-reviewed journal, Advances in Therapy. The paper builds on insights that the group previously published in their 2018 paper ‘Unmet needs, burden of treatment, and patient engagement in multiple sclerosis’ which we are thrilled to say has now been cited 14 times. The paper describes how a unique collaborative development process utilizing the insights from that publication along with the groups’ original research, led to the creation of two communication tools, myMS priorities and myMS commitments.

These communication tools are designed to foster good relationships between healthcare professionals (HCPs) and people with MS (PwMS), increase patient empowerment and improve communication in MS care. To read about the development process and understand how these tools can support and help both HCPs and PwMS, please click below to download the paper.